The Fraud That is BP

Our friend Tom Young of The Legal Examiner continues to hold BP’s feet to the fire through his excellent articles. His latest examines the myriad of lies and deception that BP continues to weave through its $500 Million advertising campaign. We can’t say it any better than Tom did so give his most recent a view here : To believe BP, or not to believe BP, that is the question | New Orleans Legal Examiner

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BP Oil Gets Stuck With Its Own Deal

Oil giant BP took out a $500 MILLION advertising campaign in attempt to sway the public ( and judges?) that it should not be held accountable for causing the worst environmental disaster in U.S. History. BP wants people to believe that BP is the victim and that it should not be forced to abide by the settlement agreement that BP negotiated and collaborated on with their BILLION dollar attorneys.

On March 3, a second 5th Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled that BP must abide by the settlement that it negotiated and asked a Federal District Court to approve. The recent ruling vindicated Judge Barbier and Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau, whom BP had orchestrated a massive PR campaign against. Here is a good read:

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BP Oil Spill: Judge Clement Makes Friends with Big Oil

Not going to comment here other than to say this is an interesing read out of the Baton Rouge Advocate:

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BP Fails to Rewrite History!

BP has failed in it’s campaign to rewrite history. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in an opinion written by Judge Eugene Davis and joined by Judge Dennis has AFFIRMED Judge Barbier’s decision that BP must abide by the settlement that it’s mega million dollar lawyers negotiated for, co-authored and begged Judge Barbier to approve. Here is a good read on BP’s different positions

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BP’s Media Blitz to Demonize Oil Spill Victims

The below quote is exactly why BP is where they are. BP simply cares much more about continuing to make their $80 BILLION in yearly profit than they do human lives. Read the article here:

“They would also like the public to forget about their past history of intentionally endangering workers because it was cheaper to pay off the families of workers who are killed than it is to pay for mechanisms to make the workplace safer.”

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BP Oil Spill & Gulf Fishermen

The Institute for Southern Studies published an excellent article on Gulf Fishermen and their struggle to survive 3 years after the BP oil spill. You can read it here:

“I’m only 46, I’m not going to retire for another 20 years, minimum … If fishing comes back, and I can make my own money, I’m good with them. I don’t want BP’s check, I’m not a charity case — I didn’t want their check to start with. But they destroyed my industry. What’d they offer me? One check — OK, that fixed last year. What about this year, next year, 10 years? That’s the problem.”

The true devastation of what BP did to our Coast will not be known for years to come.

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BP’s $500 million Media Blitz

This is a great read regarding the actions BP has taken since asking Judge Barbier to approve the settlement that BP negotiated.
They have taken out full page ads in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal among others. Last I checked, no one was filing BP oil spill claims in New York City. They want you to believe the Claimants and the lawyers filing those claims are bad people. They don’t want you to pay attention to their criminal behavior that destroyed our Gulf Coast and killed 11 people, all in the name of BP saving a few bucks.

The bottom line is that their $500 million advertising campaign is meant to deter people from filing legitimate claims under the settlement agreement that they negotiated. It’s an unfortunate but expected tactic from a company with BP’s track record.

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