Have you been arrested on the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in Mississippi? Have you been charged by law enforcement with a DUI? If so, you are under serious threat. Being convicted of a DUI is embarrassing, frightening and it can change your life. Mississippi’s “zero tolerance” policy ensures that the punishments for drivers convicted of a DUI are exceptionally harsh.


The first step you need to take following a DUI charge is to contact an experienced and qualified Mississippi DUI attorney. DUI attorneys have the expertise and resources necessary to investigate your arrest and the charges against you, and can help you build a strong defense that will prove your innocence in court. Even though you were arrested, you still have certain rights under the law. It isn’t very likely that the police officers and other law enforcement who are handling your case will go out of their way to inform you of those rights – in fact, it’s in their best interest not to.


At the Law Firm of Ross, Kelley & Martin, PLLC, we understand how scary being arrested and charged with a DUI can be. We will begin working on your case immediately and will interview witnesses who saw you before, during and after the arrest, question breathalyzer results and re-analyze blood alcohol samples. We will do everything within our power to build a solid defense for you.


Contact us to begin forming your defense. You can’t afford to leave your future up to chance. Call today.


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