Being arrested and charged with drunk driving can turn your life upside down. If you are convicted, you face jail time, heavy fines and the suspension of your license. However, if you have been charged with a DUI causing injury, your penalties will be significantly more severe.


A prosecutor can prove that you are guilty of a DUI causing injury by determining three things:


– That you were driving while under the influence of alcohol (your blood alcohol content was 0.08% or greater, or 0.04% for commercial vehicles)

– That you broke the law while driving (such as running a red light, failing to yield, etc.)

– That you injured someone as a result of your actions


If you are convicted of a DUI causing injury, your life will never be the same. If you weren’t drinking at the time of the accident or your BAC was not over the legal limit, being sentenced to fines and jail time is unjust. At the Law Firm of Ross, Kelley & Martin, PLLC, we will fight for your rights under the law.


We will fully investigate your case to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you, and we will re-analyze blood samples, interview witnesses and work with expert accident reconstruction specialists. We will do everything within our power to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed!


Don’t let a DUI charge ruin your life. Call us today – don’t wait! Time is exceptionally important in a DUI case.


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