If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Mississippi, you need a Mississippi DUI attorney. Consulting with an attorney immediately following your arrest is imperative if you want to fight the charges against you and increase your chances of prevailing in court.


Choosing the right Mississippi DUI attorney for your case is essential to receiving a favorable verdict. Inexperienced lawyers will not be able to properly investigate your case, nor will they be able to fully understand DUI laws in Mississippi and how they apply to your situation. Choosing the right DUI attorney may very well mean the difference between being sentenced to jail time, fines and the loss of your license and being found not guilty and being free to live out the rest of your life without consequence.


The attorneys at the¬†Law Firm of Ross, Kelley & Martin, PLLC understand that not everyone arrested for a DUI is a hardened criminal – in fact, many of them weren’t even drinking at the time of their arrest. DUI charges can result from failed breathalyzer tests, unlawful arrests and improper handling of evidence. Many people who are arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol are honest citizens who are wrongfully accused or simply had an isolated lapse in judgment.


You can’t afford to be punished severely by the state of Mississippi for a DUI. You need the services of a seasoned, aggressive DUI attorney to defend you. Call us today for a consultation.


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