A second DUI offense is punished more harshly than a first DUI offense if you are convicted, and the punishments get harsher with each subsequent offense. You are convicted of a second DUI offense if you are arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol within five years of your first DUI conviction. If you are arrested more than five years after your first DUI conviction, it is treated as a first offense.


Punishments for a second DUI offense are as follows:


– Incarceration for no less than five days but not more than one year

– Minimum fine of $600 but not more than $1500

– Court costs

– Impounding of your vehicle

– Community service for at least ten days but not more than a year

– Two year driver’s license suspension

– Installation of an ignition interlock device in your car for a minimum of six months after your license is reinstated

– Assessment for the need of further alcohol treatment programs


If you are convicted of a second DUI offense, your future is at stake if you are convicted. Spending up to a year in jail and losing your driving privileges for two years will significantly impact your life, your relationships and your job. You may lose your job due to the inability to reliably get to and from work, and your relationships may deteriorate while you are in jail.


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