If you are a minor (under the legal drinking age of 21 in Mississippi) and are accused of driving under the influence, you stand to face serious punishments.


First Offense 


– Driver’s license suspension for 90 days

– $250 fine

– Court ordered alcohol safety education program

– Attendance at a victim impact panel


Second Offense 


– Up to $500 fine

– 1 year driver’s license suspension

– Assessment for need of alcohol/drug treatment program


Third Or Subsequent Offense Within 5 Years 


– Up to a $1,000 fine

– Driver’s license suspension until individual reaches 21 years of age, or for 2 years

– Mandatory drug/alcohol treatment program


When you are under the age of 21, life is hard enough. Going to school, working your first job(s), and even attending college are all things that you’re focusing on, and they’re likely taking all of your time and energy. Cutting loose every once in awhile is common, but if you choose to drink alcohol as a minor and drive, you could be throwing away what you’ve been working so hard for. Losing your driver’s license and being required to attend an alcohol and drug treatment program will have a serious impact on your life, and your future.


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